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Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Declutter your kitchen

Cluttered worktops and things on the floor only make a kitchen feel smaller. So try to find a place for everything. Put appliances that aren’t used daily away, store your bin under a counter and tidy up with our wall and workspace organisers. If you normally store kitchen utensils on the worktop, find wall hooks to put them on instead, like our BYGEL rail and s-hooks.

Use large, glossy kitchen tiles

Play a trick on the eyes by using large tiles in a small kitchen. These instantly make the room look bigger as the visual isn’t broken up by lines of grouting. Combine these with glossy tiles that help throw light around the kitchen space.

Put mirrors opposite windows

For a cheap and easy way to give the illusion of more space in your kitchen, bounce light around the room with a few strategically placed mirrors opposite windows. For a mirror that doubles as a recipe holder, check out our VÄNNA mirror.

Add glass kitchen cabinets

Add depth to your kitchen by using glass cabinets to display crockery and glasses. The line of the wall will appear further away, giving your kitchen a light and airy feel. For a glass cabinet style that suits your kitchen, check out the 9 style options in our FAKTUM range.

Make your kitchen open plan

If you’ve got the budget and a suitable house, consider knocking down a wall to make your kitchen a kitchen/diner or part of the lounge. The open-plan style will blur the line of where your kitchen ends and dining room / living room begins, making both rooms feel bigger…result!

Paint your kitchen walls

In most kitchens, a pale-coloured wall will make the room seem larger. If you’re worried about the kitchen looking clinical – paint a small wall a bright colour. This can also help make the room seem bigger as a small area of deep, bright colour will make that wall seem further away.

Shrink your appliances

If there are only 2 of you living in your home, do you really need that super American-style fridge freezer taking up precious room in your kitchen? Slim down your kitchen with white goods made specifically for small spaces – many manufacturers offer stylish, slimline versions of their popular appliances. Or try integrated appliances: they give a more streamlined look which makes your space look bigger.

Lose the curtains

Curtains cut out space-enhancing light and look bulky, making your kitchen look smaller. So ask yourself if you really need them. If you’re worried about privacy, there are other options that will make your kitchen lines crisper and the kitchen space seem bigger, like window film or venetian blinds.

Use light-coloured flooring

A light-coloured floor will help your kitchen seem larger, whether you’re using laminate, linoleum or tiles. If you’re using tiles, try to match the grouting colour to the tile colour – the less the colour is broken up by lines, the bigger your kitchen will appear.

Choose stainless steel

In the same way that mirrors bounce light around the room, so will stainless steel. And it just so happens to be ultra-modern and trendy too. Invest in a stainless steel fridge or cooker hood, or just use accents like toasters, kettles or our DROPPAR storage jars.