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Don’t Forget The Clocks Go Forward!

The clocks change this weekend and it’s not the one where you get an extra hour in bed. Remember, the rule is spring forward, fall back. So you will have to get up an hour earlier on Sunday morning, especially if you’ve got kids. So here are some breakfast ideas to wake you up.

Iron is great for energy, so chuck a mango in the blender with a large handful of spinach and a glass of water and you’ve got yourself a delicious smoothie. Sounding weird? Okay, dried apricots sprinkled on your favourite cereal will do the trick.

Nutritionally speaking, the avocado does just about everything and will bring mind and body to life like nothing else. Here’s a Mexican-inspired breakfast idea that will keep you going well into the afternoon. Heat some black beans and put them in a bowl, cover with scrambled eggs, chopped up avocado and spicy salsa. Ole!

Treat your better half to a luxury homemade coffee in bed on Sunday morning. Heat some milk in a pan – don’t let it boil, but whisk it continuously until it’s nice and frothy. Add a little vanilla flavouring and pour over a freshly made espresso. You can try this with cinnamon, peppermint or chocolate. It’s not the healthiest idea, but mmm.

This one’s for the kids because it’ll keep them quiet for twenty minutes. Take a hot dog bun, spread generously with peanut butter and jam. Then place a freshly peeled banana into the bun. And there you have it; a banana breakfast dog. You can play around with honey and raisin combinations too.

If none of the above appeals to you, treat yourself to a new alarm clock. Good luck everyone!