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Disposal – Getting Rid Of Old Kitchens

Is disposing of an old kitchen a difficult job?

Not at all. Just think of it as part and parcel of planning your new kitchen, and be sure to make the necessary kitchen disposal arrangements before embarking on any kitchen remodelling.

Can I remove and dispose of my old kitchen alone?

While removal and disposal of an old kitchen isnt a hugely complicated job, its wise to get help from a professional unless you are a DIY expert with electrical and plumbing knowledge.

How do I find a reliable professional to help dispose of my old kitchen? is a trade recommendation service that will help you find quality trades people in your area.

How do I remove the flooring from my old kitchen for disposal?

This again is something you might need a professional to assist with, particularly if your floor is made up of tiles on a concrete base. Floorboards, linoleum, and kitchen carpet however are less tricky to remove.

Ive removed my old kitchen, what do I do with it?

There are numerous options for disposal of your old kitchen cabinets, kitchen tiles, worktops, flooring etc. The most common is skip hire or a construction waste removal service.

How do I dispose of my old kitchen appliances?

Return old kitchen appliances to any of the Designated Collection Facilities listed on, free of charge.

How do I dispose of old kitchen furniture?

There are numerous options for disposing of old kitchen furniture. You could find it a worthy home at, sell it on eBay or in your local paper, or if its beyond repair, then throw it out with your construction waste.

What do I need for disposal of my old kitchen?

The correct tools, protective goggles and a mask are a must. Heavy-duty builders gloves and substantial footwear are advisable when disposing of your old kitchen.

What can I use to hold small construction waste from my old kitchen?

Tough woven bags or rubble sacks are available from most builders merchants, and are very useful when disposing of old kitchen waste.